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Prototron appoints Jerome Larez to position of Northwest Technical Sales

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By Prototron News | Published on: August 26, 2015

“Our plan is to support our customers in all ways possible” Says Ryder.

REDMOND: Dave Ryder, President of Prototron Circuits of Redmond, Washington and Tucson, Arizona has announced the appointment of industry expert Jerome Larez to the position of Technical Sales, handling all of the sales duties required to support their customers.

In the Printed Circuit Board industry for nearly twenty years -- most with Prototron Circuits -- Jerome Larez has gained a great deal of cross-functional knowledge in the organization. He started his career by zealously tackling shop floor manufacturing positions. He moved to inside sales/ customer service and gained experience in communications. Soon, his abilities to problem solve were tapped for pre-production engineering where he learned the recipe for successful PCB manufacturing. Leaning forward, Larez is now helping to support Technical Sales in the Northwest for Prototron Circuits. His unique background and experience makes Jerome particularly qualified to work closely with all of his customers, especially when it comes to new product development. Larez has a tremendous amount of experience in pre-production engineering, including configuring layer stack ups, controlling impedance calculations, and reviewing designs for manufacturability. He knows how to offer engineering support and build printed circuit boards. He is in the unique position of being able to sell to his customers and offer them expert advice when it comes to designing economically manufacturable printed circuit boards. Jerome personifies Prototron’s goal of providing their customers with the very best PCB solutions available on the market today. His background, knowledge and experience accentuate the company’s philosophy: “Your design is not complete until we build your board!”

From Dave Ryder

“We have built our reputation by helping our customers achieve the best printed circuit board solutions possible. It is with this in mind that we add a technical expert to our sales organization. Our plan is for Jerome to sell Prototron by adding value to the customer sales experience. Drawing from his in the trenches engineering and manufacturing experience, his ability to speak our customer’s language and identify with their challenges will help get to the root of solving most any design or manufacturing challenge to offer a truly complete printed circuit board solution."

“New product development is exploding in the Pacific Northwest. As Seattle’s only local quick-turn production quality fabricator, we want to provide our customer base with the technical capabilities needed -- not only today – but well into the future. We are extremely fortunate to have such a talented and experienced professional like Jerome on highly dedicated Prototron team.”


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