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Standard Manufacturing Edits Revealed - Constraints for Scored Jobs

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By Mark Thompson | Published on: October 28, 2013

Generally the optimum depth for a score line is 1/3 the thickness of the material being used (the overall dielectric of the parts). This leaves approximately 1/3 the material thickness as a web remaining. Typically the top surface width of the V groove of the score line on a .062 thick part is .027-.030 wide due to the depth of the score line itself. This means that a .062 thick part setup for score can have NO copper features any closer to the part edge than .015 or the features will get clipped by the score blade. For a .031 thick part, the distance is less (approximately .009-.010) from copper feature to part edge. For a .125 thick part the minimum copper feature to part edge distance would be approximately .022.


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