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4101/ Material Callouts on Drawings or "Read Me" Notes

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By Mark Thompson | Published on: March 03, 2014

Many times customers will list a number of different "families" of materials on a drawing as acceptable. This sometimes results in a call from your fabricator for clarification.

Here’s an example: The callout on the drawing says, "material should be 4101/24 or 4101/26". This makes sense to a fabricator as they are both from the same "family" of materials (both are E-glass and both have a Tg from 150-200c). Frequently we see callouts for multiple families of materials for the same part. This is where a fabricator should clarify. Here’s an example that could cause a problem: The callout note on the drawing says, "material should be 4101/26 or 4101/40" These two are from different "families" of materials; the /26 being E-glass and a Tg of approx 150-200, the /40 is a POLYIMIDE type material with a Tg of approx 260c.


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